Whoa! I know, i know! It’s been a while. Nope, not another ‘ she starts, she drops out’ kinda things, but been super crazy busy setting up the SL ‘Premium Only Event’. Popular misunderstnading is that this event is only for LL premiums. Nope. It’s called Premium because you only find good designers here. No ‘hello, 2007 called and wants their sculpties back’ items. Up to date appliers, mesh and epicness! Anyway… My beloved kiddo Ikonik released a rediculously gorgeous necklace i wanted to show you guys. Also.. The Arcade is bad for everyone’s wallet, so i decided to make your lifes harder showing some pretty stuff i grabbed from this current round there as well.

flower_ami2 Flower_ami3

Face, Eyes & Skin : Genesis Lab – Emily 2.0  {Blinker}  ( @Kustom9 -Gacha- )

Body : Maitreya Mesh body – Lara

Feet:  Slink High

Hair : Lamb. Date Night (@The Arcade  -Gacha- )

Bodysuit: B.C.C BonBon Bunny Bodysuit Purple  ( @The Arcade  -Gacha-)

Boots – **Dirty Princess** – Gladiator Couture Princess MESH Boots

Necklace: Ikonik – Aurora Opal Necklace +Gold+

Piercing:  MONS – Mesh NoseJems – Style 1 – Bronze  (@The Arcade  -Gacha- )

Bracelets – **RE** : ReVoX Avo

Nails – Ikonik – Sakura Nail Purple

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