The journey.

Every road has a beginning, a middle and the end. That’s the journey. That path we walk. My journeys have a lot of beginnings, half as much middle parts and a whole lot of premature endings. ( i blame it on my a.d.d., baby ) I started several blogs on several topics, but nothing kept me focused for all that long. The only thing i consistently done and enjoyed for the past six years or so… was Second Life. Yes i know, SO many SL bloggers out there, so many GOOD ones too. Beautiful pictures, perfect English, sponsored by big brands to display the most awesome stuff, and here i am. Foreigner, who’s in dire need of spell check, but quite possibly too lazy to double check. Average photography skills ( but working on it, and getting better ) I cuss up a storm, got an odd sense of humor and due to my dozen attempts and rage quits, never REALLY been an awesome blogger before. But.. here it is. My attempt number whatever. Let’s see how far we’re gonna get!

Also, poke me if you wanna join me here, it’s so much more fun to have a little group of people with different styles of writing and photography come together.

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